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Professional Impact: Your Catalyst for Organizational Change

Our expertise is people and the processes that motivate them to action.

Who do you need to change? The people who lead your team, the people who work on your team, or the
people who use your services?




Traditional Practice Management firms focus on the bits and bytes of running a practice - patient flow, operations, billing, coding, EMR... These are critical aspects to the success of your practice, and if this is what you are looking for, we'll be happy to refer you to some of our trusted colleagues.

We don't handle the operational details of your practice. Our expertise and proven results focus on the people side of your practice - your doctors, staff members, referral sources and patients.  

We're here to help you, your partners and your staff to

  • Get everyone in your practice to work together as a cohesive and energized team;
  • Define and execute your vision for the practice, with a mission and a clearly delineated plan of action that motivates everyone to strive for excellence;
  • Facilitate your partner meetings so they are efficient, productive and valuable;
  • Recruit and choose new associates that will be an ideal "fit" for your existing partner group;
  • Help your patients to say "yes" to your treatment recommendations, regardless of insurance coverage;
  • Deliver case presentations in a conversational manner that engages your patients and motivates them to action;
  • Sustain a positive, enjoyable and energized environment that leads you to look forward to coming to work each day;
  • Educate your patients and their families about your services so that they make the best decisions for their health;
  • Excel in selling elective services and retail products without being pushy or "salesy;"
  • Build strong collegial and networking relationships with hospitals and referring colleagues;
  • Manage conflict and uncomfortable emotions;
  • Reduce internal stress and build a practice that encourages laughter and fun;
  • Consistently send out a message that differentiates you from your competition;
  • Elevate your practice to become the primary provider of your specialty in your community;
  • Grow revenues without losing the humanity of healthcare or the joy of practicing; and
  • Break through personal success barriers and allow yourself to have what you truly want in life.

If you're looking for an intervention that will inject energy into your practice, reduce turnover, improve customer service, enhance patient care, bring in new referrals, and increase your revenues, YOU'RE LOOKING FOR PROFESSIONAL IMPACT.   Click here to learn more about how we can help you to make an impact.


There are hundreds of consulting and training firms that offer innovative solutions with proven results for sales and customer service-driven organizations. So, why choose Professional Impact?

Simple — we have a proven track record of helping companies to increase revenues by as much as 200% for 2 years following training. We accomplish this by offering you two simple choices: you can use our training to build new attitudes and skills that will propel your business forward, or you can use our training to lock in your training and assure that the changes and skills you've provided will get used by your personnel -- consistently and enthusiastically.

Our proven, catalytic programs will:

  • Instill in your team an inspirational discontent with current productivity levels and a commitment to exceed company goals;
  • Increase revenues by getting the maximum potential from each and every customer contact;
  • Stop the never-ending, go-nowhere frustration of your executive meetings and launch a new standard of productivity, creativity and follow-through;
  • Augment consultative and retail sales processes by applying a scientifically-grounded method of getting to "yes;"
  • Eliminate negativity and conflict on your team;
  • Build relationships and lock in your reputation as leaders in the industry through a unique method of establishing credibility among potential customers;
  • Enhance team work and communication between and among departments to reduce turnover, increase loyalty and productivity and improve morale; and
  • Eliminate the guesswork when hiring leaders with a powerful and easy-to-use leadership assessment instrument.

Whether you're looking to build a stronger executive team, increase sales, improve your customer service ratings, or reward your employees for a job well-done, YOU'RE LOOKING FOR PROFESSIONAL IMPACT.
Click here to learn more about how we can help you to make an impact.


You're looking for a dynamic speaker who will provide 3 critical pieces for your next meeting:

  • Practical information that attendees will put to use immediately;
  • Humor, passion and enthusiasm that is engaging, motivating and highly contagious; and
  • An international reputation that will draw an audience to your meeting - and keep them indoors!

If you want a speaker that will encourage increased registrations, with a proven track-record and eligibility for continuing education units, YOU'RE LOOKING FOR PROFESSIONAL IMPACT.
Click here to learn more about how we can help you to make an impact.


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